November 13, 2007

Life after the election

I've had a hard time wrapping my head around it being November 13th - for most of the past few weeks, I looked at the world as if it was ending on November 6th, election day, with some slight chance of an extension into November 7th, for a recount.

Since the election, I've been noticing other priorities resurfacing, like a book I need to write, a furnace that needs a new filter, more work to do in the garden before winter, painting and flooring work to do upstairs, and a whole pile of projects I'd postponed.

All of those projects can and maybe will overwhelm me at some point, but right now, the sheer relief of the election being over (and even largely won) is vastly stronger than my shock over the pile of things to work on. (Maybe it helps that I accidentally obliterated all my old email from March through early November?)

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