November 10, 2007

Looking beyond the election

The election pretty well wiped me out, and I haven't kept up with the past few days of either the Ithaca Journal or the Cortland Standard. Here's a quick look at Dryden-related stories in the Journal:

And in the Cortland Standard:

  • The Town of Dryden tax rate stayed flat, though spending increased 10%. The fire district budget also climbed 4%.

  • An article on the budget passing has more on the fire companies, and also this news:

    Cheryl Nelson, a resident of Dryden, suggested the town consolidate the fire departments into one paid fire department. None are currently paid. Nelson said the fire department issue was one concern she heard while campaigning for supervisor. She also suggested the supervisor position be made full-time and be paid as such. Neither of these suggestions was acted upon.

    Paid fire companies are vastly more expensive. I'll have to track down some numbers on that. I'm also surprised that Nelson would call for a full-time supervisor position after she'd emphasized in her campaign that it is and she thought it should be a part-time job.

Today's Journal also includes County Historian Carol Kammen talking about blogs as future source material for historians. I'm very pleased that she likes and recommends this blog, and she also recommends Five Wells, Mary Ann Sumner's blog.

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