November 29, 2007

Turnout for November

I got a new pile of election data from the Board of Elections yesterday, though I'm still working to figure out what it means.

1308 of 2967 registered Democrats voted on November 6th, while 1270 of 2700 registered Republicans voted. That gives Democrats a 44% turnout, and Republicans a 47% turnout.

456 of 1759 voters registered without a party ("blanks") voted, while 111 of 482 voters registered to other parties voted. Blanks had 26% turnout, and the minor party voters had 23%.

None of the races were decided by margins that looked anything like the 38 voter difference between Democrats and Republicans, however:

  • Chris Clauson, a Republican, won the Town Justice race by 321 votes.

  • Mary Ann Sumner, a Democrat, won the Town Supervisor's race by 130 votes.

  • The gap between the Democrat with the most Town Board votes and the Republican with the most Town Board votes was 235 votes; the gap between the Democrat with the second most Town Board votes and the Republican in the same position was 145 votes.

The strongest turnout was among Republican voters in the east side of Dryden - District 10 (Irish Settlement) had 57%, District 11 (Dryden Lake) had 55%, Districts 6 and 7 (around the Village of Dryden) had 54%, and District 2 (Freeville) had 50%. The strongest Democratic turnout was 54% in District 7 and 52% in District 9 (Ellis Hollow). The strongest Blank turnout was in District 9 at 37%, with District 7 close behind at 36%.

Overall turnout, at 40%, was below both 2006 (63%) and 2005 (42%).

I'll make more of this data available as I figure out ways to make it intelligible on the web.

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