December 8, 2007

Laurel, survey

Joe Lalley sends a Laurel to TCAT:

staff and to Marjorie Hoffman and the students of the Elizabeth Anne Clune Montessori School for a wonderful idea to put art on the buses. This is just brilliant!

In broader county news, Ithaca Forward is seeking people from age 25 to 40 to fill out a survey on why they live here. I filled it out this morning, and thought it was better questions than I'm used to seeing on these kinds of things.

Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton is pushing the Department of Environmental Conservation about garbage trucks that go through the county, including on Route 79.

There's also a piece about a possible monorail, though I don't see whether it's really about the county or just the City of Ithaca. I'm not sure the proposers know at this point.

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