December 19, 2007

Preserving Six Mile Creek

Between some travel and connectivity problems, I'm a little behind. To catch up...

Yesterday's paper reports that the Finger Lake Land Trust will be establishing a 138-acre nature preserve near the headwaters of Six Mile Creek. Looking at the map, it's near Hammond Hill State Forest and uphill from the "Old 600" tract in Caroline.

This morning's Journal reports that County Legislature Chair Tim Joseph is retiring and talks to Dryden legislator Martha Robertson about whether or not she's interested in the position. Former Dryden legislator Mike Lane suggested to the Legislature that they consider rotating the position more frequently:

I do think part of that flexibility is ... different people serving on different committees on a regular basis. People weren't locked into chairmanships. They weren't locked into various positions on picking the committees for long periods of time -- two or three years was the longest time. I think that same flexibility should also be part of the structure of the board chair's position. I really think that this Legislature should think about amending the charter to limit the terms of a board chair to three successive terms. I think new ideas, new directions, working with others, shifting the responsibility makes a lot of sense.

It looks like we'll be switching to time-of-day electric meters over the next few years. I have to wonder what happens to all the old meters.

The weekend's snow proved pretty light.

On the opinion page, Tim Fahey of Dryden warns that lags in climate change may make it harder to take action before it's too late.

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