December 14, 2007

Snow day; SPCA donation

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports on yesterday's snow, and has an editorial on safe driving.

An anonymous donor just gave the SPCA a large donation to help cover animal control costs, giving county municipalities a year at the old rates rather than the new higher rates.

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Mary Ann said:

Actually, with the announcement of the anonymous donation, the SPCA offered municipalities a one year contract at 150% of the 2007 rate instead of the former proposal for 3 months at 150% and the rest of the year at 200% of 2007 rates.

SPCA offered this compromise because they have unspecified objections to the RFP drafted by TCCOG. The RFP is written to cover the minimun dog control measures required by Ag and Markets. SPCA officials think that 3 months is not long enough to negotiate for the additional services they offer.