January 23, 2008

Cortland Road Sewer District finally sorting?

I've been writing about the Cortland Road Sewer District contract negotiations almost as long as I've been writing this site. The district, north of the Village of Dryden, is administered by the Town but uses the Village sewer plant, which needs to be rebuilt.

Monday's Cortland Standard suggests that the long deadlock is finally ending - the Town approved a contract Friday, and Mayor Reba Taylor was expecting to approve it at last night's Village of Dryden meeting. I guess we'll hear if they didn't!

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Mary Ann said:

Indeed, the village approved the agreement Tuesday night. Whew! I should write about this at Dryden Democrats as soon as I have time. The details of the agreement are complex and the deeply flawed negotiating process which began in 2002 has been fascinating and frustrating.

All the issues you listed in 2004 were addressed, some more thoroughly than others. But the biggest impediment was the need for facts. The flow monitor at the waste water treatment facility was improved and three new flow meters were installed between the Cortland Road Sewer District and the WWTF.

Ultimately, it was economic pressure that drove the final decisions. TC3's January 31 deadline for funding for new dorms forced both the Town and the Village to schedule several extra public meetings and hours of final negotiations.

It's not a moment too soon to start planning for waste water treatment facilities improvements and development of water and sewer services outside the village.