January 7, 2008

Sumner sworn in

Unfortunately, I was still in Germany when the new Dryden Town Board held its organizational meeting last Wednesday, but the Journal covers our new Supervisor and her outlook for the year this morning. (Board member David Makar posted his report on the meeting earlier.)

In addition to the usual setting up at the organizational meeting, the Town Board unanimously appointed Jason Leifer to the empty board seat created by Mary Ann Sumner's rise to Supervisor. His appointment will last through the November election, when the remaining year of the seat will be up for election.

The County Legislature also reorganized, under new Chair Mike Koplinka-Loehr. The Dryden Legislators have the following positions:

Martha Robertson (D, Dryden west of Caswell, Mineah, and Midline roads)

Planning, Development and Environmental Quality (Chair), Public Safety, Health and Human Services

Mike Hattery (R, eastern Dryden, minus McLean)

Budget and Capital (Vice Chair), Government Operations, Public Safety

Duane "Tyke" Randall (R, McLean, Groton, eastern Lansing)

Health and Human Services (Vice Chair), Facilities and Infrastructure, and Planning, Development and Environmental Quality

Incidentally, anyone who thinks that Tompkins County politics are rough should take a look at this Cortland Standard piece on choosing a Chair for the Cortland County Legislature.

On the opinion page, Ken Jupiter writes to contest a Journal headline suggesting the Ithaca Commons is overpriced.

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