January 2, 2008

Town Board meeting(s)

The Public Notices page announces that the Town of Dryden's Town Board will be having three meetings in the next week, plus one the 18th:

  • Tonight (January 2nd) at 7:00pm is the organizational meeting, where Town Supervisor Mary Ann Sumner, and Town Board members David Makar and Joseph Solomon will take their oath of office and the Board will get started on its business for the year. (I'm not sure when or where the re-elected Town Clerk or Town Justice take their oaths.)

  • On the 5th, Saturday, the Board will meet to "to accept map, plan and report for expansion of Cortland Road Sewer District and set public hearing, and such other business as the board may deem necessary".

  • Next Wednesday, the 9th, the Board will have its first regular meeting of the year, including a Public Hearing on a "Special Permit application of TC3 Foundation for construction of additional dormitories".

  • On Friday the 18th, the Board will meet to discuss "approval of the expansion of the Cortland Road Sewer District".

The Conservation Board meets January 8th, as does the Recreation Commission. The Youth Commission meets the 15th, and the Planning Board the 17th.

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