February 16, 2008

Attempted entry at Dryden Elementary

Maybe it's nothing, maybe it's something, but a man who tried to convince third-graders to let him in to Dryden Elementary is raising concerns. The third-graders did as they were supposed to, and didn't let him in through the locked doors.

New York's bizarre combination of gambling and education money is coming to the surface as the state works to bail out its main horse racing organization and increase the share of video lottery income held by the operators. I wish we'd just drop the lie that "it's for education", because it really isn't.

In higher education news, the Dean's List includes students from Dryden, Freeville, and at least one Dryden resident listed as Ithaca.

And the Rite-Aid Drug Quiz, which includes students from Dryden, will be March 4th at the Clarion Hotel in Ithaca.

There are also How They Voted in Washington and How They Voted in Albany. In the latter, I was glad to see the Assembly passed the Great Lakes Compact 134-0; the Senate also seems to have passed it. Unfortunately, states further west seem inclined to give in to Republican tinkering that could force renegotiation of the whole thing. For a bit more background, see this piece from NYCO and this piece on Upstate New York and water.

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KAZ said:

What does it mean that our assemblywoman voted Y for the racetrack thing but was quoted on page one condemning its negative effect on education? I'm honestly confused.