February 18, 2008

Dryden Republican primary details

The primary results for the Republicans are less regionally inflected.

1+5West Dryden, Etna9351348
3+7East and North of Village of Dryden, to McLean6252152
4+9Varna to Ellis Hollow Road18271461
6Village of Dryden west of 13/3811382858
8Snyder Hill, Bethel Grove2221435
10Southeastern Hills2221549
11Dryden Lake2291246

McCain wins everywhere. Romney comes in second everywhere. Huckabee comes in third everywhere, except in Varna/Ellis Hollow, where Paul beats him. Paul comes in fourth everywhere else. (I left Giuliani off, as he only got 19 votes across the town.)

The most interesting statistic I see is in the combined districts 4+9, where 66% of eligible Republicans turned out. (64% of Democrats turned out in that district, and 69% in District 8.) Overall, Republicans had 35% turnout while Democrats had 53% turnout - for 1550 Democrats and 883 Republicans.

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