February 6, 2008

Obama wins in Dryden, Tompkins

I'd suspected that Barack Obama would win Tompkins County (and lose New York State), but I hadn't expected it to be as broad as last night's results indicate. In Dryden, Obama beat Hillary Clinton 804-717, while countywide it was 6593-4647. The only places Clinton carried were Enfield and Groton, with Lansing very close.

Clinton does appear to have carried the 24th Congressional district, which is how delegates representing Dryden are assigned, but it looks like it'll be three delegates for Clinton and two for Obama.

On the Republican side, John McCain appears to have carried Dryden and every other municipality in the county. In Dryden, McCain got 381 votes to Mitt Romney's 217, Mike Huckabee's 138, and Ron Paul's 56. For the county, it was 1927-1093-540-337.

For the first time ever, I made my decision in the voting booth, and went with Obama. I'll be happy with either Democratic candidate, though I still miss John Edwards.

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Patrick said:

According to CNN, Tompkins is the only county in the state that Obama won. Yay, Tompkins.