February 28, 2008

Seward concerned, but won't push

I'm a little annoyed tonight at what Downstate legislators are proposing for Downstate, but I'm completely baffled by our own State Senator, Jim Seward.

The Oneonta Daily Star's editorial for today concludes:

Joyce Boyd, Otsego County's acting Social Services Commissioner, agreed that the state-set allotments for homeless people are unrealistically low. So low, in fact, that "people are forced to move in with friends and relatives," she said.

State Sen. James Seward agrees that the allotment is too low and would support an increase. But he's not willing to push the legislation himself, putting the onus on the governor, who has not put forth a proposal.

Apparently there are not too many state lawmakers, who make at least $80,000 a year and are allotted about $150 a day for room and board while in Albany, willing to go to bat for the poor or unfortunate. That's a shame.

He agrees that the state should spend more on this, but there's no way that he'd actually put his own political effort into it, because he'd really prefer if the Governor proposed spending the money? I'd like the Governor to do that, but wow, this doesn't make Seward look good. Maybe he can safely say things like this because he figures it'll all come down to Three Men in a Room anyway, and someday he might be asked to rubber-stamp the decision?

I have to guess this is standard operating procedure for our cheerlessly cynical New York State Senate. But then, they only make $79,500 a year, so what should we expect, right?

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