April 28, 2008

Big dig in Gutchess yard

Sadly, the Cortland Standard keeps shrinking the amount of news they put on their website. (They did have a piece on TC3 students trying out teaching.)

Elsie Gutchess let me know that the Standard had an article on April 21st, about Ithaca College students filming a 10-minute piece about a 9-year-old who tries digging to China, and the support his community gives him. Thanks to some green paint and artificial flowers, they managed to make it look summery even before the recent weather. There's a picture, and hopefully there will be more to this story when the DVD gets shown at the Dryden Community Cafe eventually.

I know I'm missing a lot of Dryden news in the Standard, and I should call them again to see if I'm still too far west for them to get to. If you see something interesting, let me know.

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