April 23, 2008

Red Cross coming to Dryden tonight

There's an article in today's Ithaca Journal on the Tompkins County Red Cross's new director, Jennifer Yarbrough. The first few paragraphs have some interesting bits about the organization's reaching out geographically:

This vision and past vistas will be on display at the chapter's "Night of Nostalgia" tonight at the Dryden Mutual Insurance Company on Ellis Drive. The event will include music, refreshments and the historical photographs of Verne Morton, a late 19th-century photographer. The public event will also showcase the services of the Red Cross -- which are available to the entire county, Yarbrough emphasized.

"Right now, I perceive that we're too Ithaca-focused," said Yarbrough, who became the director in December. "I think we rely too much on the community to come to us. For 91-plus years we've been part of this community, and we hope to deepen our relationship with the community and expand our services."

They have done a fair amount in and with Dryden, but this is all good to hear.

NYSEG is upgrading its distribution transformers, and should lose less energy to heat as a result.

At the state level, there's more discussion of streamlining local government.

On the opinion page, Nancy Neaher Maas contrasts state legislators' concern for their own salaries with their lack of interest in judicial salaries.

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