May 2, 2008

Ellis Hollow Nursery School Open House Saturday

It's southwest Dryden education morning here, but there's also an event Saturday:

May 3, 9-11am
At the Ellis Hollow Community Center

What's it like to be a 3- or 4-year old child at the Ellis Hollow Nursery School? Find out!

  • Meet our nurturing and creative teachers, Ellie Biddle and Regi Carpenter

  • Pot a plant for Mother's Day

  • Do 10 things with dots (and a lot more)

  • Listen as Ms Regi weaves a story at 10am

  • Thinking ahead to the 2008-09 school year? We'd love to tell you more about our community school.

    At our non-profit, parent cooperative nursery school, children learn as they do best -- with hands-on activities for observing, exploring, and experimenting.

    Classes are held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 9am-12noon, from mid-September through mid-June. Find out more online at or contact us at or 227-8006.

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