May 22, 2008


You've probably noticed a fall-off in postings here lately, and may be able to guess at the reason. (Yes, I'll be posting more pictures, of course!)

When I started, a steady drumbeat of stories seemed like the best way to keep myself going here. Unfortunately, I'm not able to maintain that very well now, and when I fall behind, there's a lot of catching up to do. That makes it even harder to get started again, so...

I'm going to pause on the usual reporting of "what's in the Ithaca Journal today", along with the Cortland Standard and Dryden Courier. If there's anybody out there willing to pick that up, please let me know. It doesn't take that long, probably 15 minutes a day.

I just need to find those 15 minutes right now! I'll still be posting here occasionally, just not at the same steady rate I've been in the past.

(And the key stories I've missed so far are this on Karel "Ricky" Westerling's release after a guilty plea to lesser charges, Ithaca and Dryden school election results, Dryden Town Talk, and the declining likelihood that Melea Bartley's employees will ever get paid.)

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