September 15, 2008

Dryden EMS triumphs

This morning's Journal reports that a Dryden Ambulance EMS team got the best score in the "first-ever International EMS Competition". Working through six scenarios and a road rally, the team earned a trip to Poland for a paramedic exchange. (There are a lot more photos online - the print edition doesn't have any.)

At home, the Dryden Fire Department responded to a 5:44am fire in a TC3 dormitory, likely caused by a faulty light fixture. A sprinkler put the fire out quickly, but 130 students were evacuated. I know they've had problems with a lot of false alarms there over the years, and I'm glad to hear that this went as easily as it probably could have.

At the airport, crews worked through a few more disaster scenarios, simulating a mid-air collision on Saturday.

In county news, I'm really confused about a proposal to merge the Human Rights Commission with a public defenders office. Politics aside, it doesn't make much sense to me to create a hybrid of an office that prosecutes and an office that defends. I have a hard time seeing why that fundamental difference should be ignored.

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