November 24, 2008

Zoning coming up

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports on the public meeting the Planning Board held last Thursday to discuss upcoming changes to Dryden's zoning laws.

Zoning meeting
Zoning meeting.

Much of the meeting was background, discussing the already-written Comprehensive Plan and residential and commercial design guidelines. When the discussion turned specifically to zoning, it was still pretty abstract: a list of zones, with no map yet.

If I have the list right, they're planning on Agriculture, Rural Residential, Conservation, Neighborhood, Hamlet, and Light Industrial & Office zones. The only one of these that sounded particularly surprising was Neighborhood Residential, and that mostly because it sounded like it will be a "floating zone", an option the Planning Board can use to allow denser development when appropriate.

I suspect this will get more interesting - and probably more contentious - when the details of those zones come into clearer focus, and when the map actually gets drawn. I'll be especially curious to see what happens to my own small stretch of 366, as always.

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