March 2, 2009

From Staff Reports

I noticed Saturday that the Journal seemed behind on reporting the approaching conclusion of the Shirley Kinge case.

I picked up this morning's Journal, and noticed the headline at the top of the front page: "Judge to decide damages owed by state to Shirley Kinge". Good. It's an ugly 20-year-old story whose conclusion should be noted.

Then I noticed the byline - "From Staff Reports". "From Staff Reports"? In the past that's often meant a gently reheated press release. This article is all right, and to be fair it's announcing the start of a hearing, but it's really strange to see the "no real reporter covering this news" byline on the top line of a local front page story.

At least they reported it, I guess. Maybe they've run out of ink and energy from years of covering it in depth?

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