July 9, 2009

Mystery basement photos

Because we're having a foundation wall replaced next month, and because it's just been way way way too long, I've been cleaning out the basement. One of the things I found again was a rotting frame with these photos in it, which had come with the house. They're all in the square 126 format, stamped "June 1972", which means that the kid in these pictures is at least a few years older than I am now. Somehow, these are mysteriously compelling, though I have no idea who there or even where they were taken. The old cars and the kid make it seem like something important is going on, though I'm pretty sure it was just a car show.

I'm guessing these belonged to a tenant here before we bought the house, though if I remember right the frame was in pretty bad shape when I first found it - so it could have been a long-ago tenant. If by some chance anyone knows who these belong to, let me know!

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