December 9, 2009

Gas drilling coming to Dryden, soon?

It's not drilling into the Marcellus Shale, which has been the subject of lots of recent controversy as the state has published a draft Supplemental Generic Impact Statement.

This is apparently drilling into the Trenton-Black River formation, which is much deeper than the Marcellus but which has been in production - mostly to the south and west of here - for a while. Trenton-Black River drilling sounds like it's usually - but not necessarily - less complicated than Marcellus drilling.

The information I have on the drilling site is pretty basic:

The permitted site is "1900 feet south of Ferguson Road and 250 feet west of Irish Settlement Road ."

It would impact a max of 3.4 acres, dropping down to 0.9 over time. The well would be 19,000 feet deep.

Update: Apparently it's 9000 feet of drilling - 7000 vertical, 2000 horizontal.

The state, in what I fear is a sign of things to come, notified the Town after issuing a negative SEQR declaration, which allows drilling to proceed. Town Board member Jason Leifer has written the DEC to ask for a lot more details about the status, the process, and the plans for drilling.

I'll post more as I learn what's up.

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