January 16, 2010

Town Board meeting notes - drilling, speed

I finally got back to a Town Board meeting Wednesday night. Most of it was reasonably routine, but there were a few pieces that stood out:

  • A number of people were there about gas drilling. Some of it was about the Trenton-Black River well off Irish Settlement Road that had received a permit from the DEC, and some of it was about ways to challenge the DEC on their control over the gas drilling permit process. This is clearly an issue that's only getting started.

  • On a related note, Zoning Officer Henry Slater discussed correspondence with the DEC over that permit. He'd found a number of errors, notably relating to streams in the vicinity, and pointed out a basic problem in having the state administer all of this from an office in Avon: "I think that if we had been considered an interested agency... these could have been considered in the declaration."

  • The area in Varna that will be getting a 30mph speed limit seems to be smaller than first suggested. I'd thought it would be around two miles, but it's only about 0.6 miles, in the "heart of downtown Varna".

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Note on photos


There already is a 30 mph sign before the intersection of 366 and Freese/Mt.Pleasant roads. So I'm wondering what the change is, exactly.

The yellow sign is an advisory sign for the intersection. It doesn't set up a speed zone the way the regular white signs do.

I don't think yellow signs are actually enforceable, except perhaps as part of a reckless driving charge, but that may have changed over the years.