February 19, 2010

New Varna II much denser than earlier proposal

Ten years ago, Varna residents fought hard against a 170-unit proposal. Last night, Stephen Lucente unveiled a a 260-unit proposal for the same area, apparently indifferent to the work of the project's neighbors and other Town residents that had gone into the Comprehensive Plan and the draft zoning law.

The 170-unit version took up much less of the parcel, though was still large and looming. This old proposed map (click on it for a larger and more readable version) shows large buildings but still some open space.

Proposed 170-unit development in Varna (1999).
Proposed 170-unit development in Varna (1999).

The new map is much denser, especially in the areas further down the hill. (Unfortunately, I didn't bring my real camera, and these are cell phone pictures. Hopefully you get the idea.)

Proposed 260-unit development in Varna (2010).
Proposed 260-unit development in Varna (2010) - residences.

Proposed 260-unit development in Varna (2010).
Proposed 260-unit development in Varna (2010) - intersections with 366, commercial area.

All I can figure is that Lucente hopes to negotiate his way back to 170, but wow - this is not a good way to make your neighbors think you're even interested in what they think.

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Dawn Potter said:

Whether it is 170 or 260 units, this development would severely alter the hamlet, and add more vehicles to an already incredibly busy road. We fought hard to keep our hamlet from turning into Collegetown II a decade ago. I hope we will be able to join forces and succeed again.

Laurie Snyder said:

Thanks for doing all this research and reporting back. Very helpful. As a long time resident & property owner on Freese Road, I am very concerned about the multiple impacts of this giant proposed development.

As I am in Baltimore, I will only be able to write letters.
Laurie Snyder