April 28, 2010

Dog license change complications

Yesterday's Journal noted that Governor Paterson wants to shift dog license manufacture and tracking to the counties to save a grand total of $157,000. I haven't seen what it would cost counties - though I'm sure license vendors are excited - but I really have to wonder once again whether in Albany is actually thinking.

This is exactly the kind of project where economies of scale matter, both in the making of the tags and in the quality of the registry. Registries are simply more useful when they have more entries, and a lot of people take their dogs on vacations, trips, etc. I won't be surprised if that "savings" ends up costing taxpayers a lot more than $157,000, transferred to more local taxes.

Dryden Schools will be having a Meet the Candidates Forum next Tuesday, May 4th. They have five candidates (two incumbents) for three seats in the election to be held this May 18th.

The bridge from Caldwell to Warren Roads in Forest Home is closed this week, making Forest Home Drive a much less appealing drive.

Finally, if Andrew Cuomo can't get his act together in time to speak to the Democratic Rural Conference, he'll have demonstrated political tone-deafness on a surprising scale.

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