April 21, 2010

Trapped away from Freeville

Rachel Dickinson, who was once the Ithaca Journal's Dryden Town Talk columnist, writes of pining for Freeville while being stuck in Ireland because of the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud.

In this week's Dryden Town Talk, Cathy Wakeman explores events that Dickinson may not be able to get to: a capella performance, a talk about Southworth Library, a Habitat for Humanity conversation at the Dryden Community Center Cafe, the Grange's annual community service awards, a craft fair, and a barbecue.

The proposed Dryden school budget includes a 6.48% tax levy increase while cutting spending 1.88%, thanks to cuts in state aid. Ithaca schools have a 3.97% levy increase and a 2.4% increase in spending.

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