May 6, 2010

Lots of little bits

I don't have time to write as much as I'd like, but you should know:

  • Freeville has a diner again - Casey's Diner is now open where Toad's Diner was, on 38.

  • When I ran for Town Board last year, I talked a lot about agriculture. The Ithaca Journal has a piece on a the regional shortage of slaughterhouses, which is a key missing link. I'd love to see municipalities step up to encourage their development, while really wishing the USDA would consider rewriting their food safety rules to be (a) more effective and (b) less paperwork. They seem over the last decade or so to have decided to do fewer inspections (bad) while requiring slaughterhouses to do more paperwork (okay, but a bad substitute for inspections, and bad for small slaughterhouses). If I were Secretary of Agriculture...

  • The garbage truck saga continues.

  • The Dryden schools held a candidates forum.

  • Our gutless state legislative leaders remain uninterested in elections whose odds they can't tilt. Heck, Sheldon Silver is even just plain lying. I'm proud to be a Democrat at the local and national levels, but I so so wish there was a useful option at the state level. Both parties are utterly rotten there.

  • Cathy Wakeman reports on all kinds of things to do Mother's Day, though she missed the breakfast at the Varna Community Center from 8:00am to noon.

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