June 2, 2010

Dryden Community Garden meeting June 3rd

Cathy Wakeman leads her Dryden Town Talk column with news of the meeting tomorrow night to get the Dryden Community Garden going:

The newly formed Community Gardens, an outgrowth of Dryden Solutions, will share its progress at 7 p.m. Thursday, June 3 at the Community Café's Open Meeting Night. The site has been selected and divided into 10-foot by 10-foot plots, and planting is beginning. If you need space for a personal garden, or want to join the growing trend of planting for giving to food pantries, there are like-minded gardeners making it happen in Dryden. Come to the Café, at the four corners in the village, to catch the vision.

She also notes the Freeville Family Fun Fair this Friday at Reach Out for Christ Church, the cows gathering at Time Square in advance of the June 12th Dairy Day, a Parents' Night Out, and the return of the Dryden Area Intergenerational Band and Chorus.

Also in today's Journal: Beware the Giant Hogweed. It can burn or blind you.

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