June 24, 2010

Earthquake, lots of fun, tax caps

I was in the car when the area felt an earthquake, so I probably figured it was just a bumpy road. I still can't see earthquakes as a likely major disaster here.

Cathy Wakeman reports on all kinds of upcoming Dryden fun.

Albany seems intent on further tax craziness, this time proposing a property tax cap on municipal governments (including special districts), but not on school districts, which are 60% of the property tax burden. It all seems crazy to me, but since they seem to insist on making local governments pay for things the state once supported, I can't see them taking a saner path. (I'd really like to see state shift the tax burdens we have toward income taxes, but that's almost as unlikely as streamlining state government, something I'd like to see even more.)

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KAZ said:

It's worth noting that most local school districts have stayed below the proposed cap for at least the past couple of years. If there were a cap, do you suppose they'd be so frugal? My guess is that they'd spend right up to the cap every year--why not?