July 23, 2010

Arson, ash borers, building

Today's Ithaca Journal editorial reflects on the recent arson at the Etna home of Ithaca Police officer Bryan Bangs:

This is not the Ithaca we have come to know and respect. A community where differences and frayed feelings, even over the fatal shooting Bangs was involved with in the line of duty, are dealt with peacefully and rationally. In Ithaca, we pride ourselves on disagreeing, sometimes vehemently, but relying on our intellect and our words, not an act of arson.

Back in 2007, Stan Marcus talked a lot about the Emerald Ash Borer during his campaign for Town Board. He was prescient - not only is the beetle on its way, but municipalities are going to have to deal with the many trees it will kill. Residents will too, as the infestation spreads - I have ash all through my back yard. Now it's in Steuben and Ulster Counties.

Habitat for Humanity needs volunteers to work on a house in the Village of Dryden.

I'd thought that the latest NYSEG rate increase proposals had been scaled back, but this doesn't feel very scaled back. An extra $17 a month is a big chunk of my NYSEG bill.

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