July 20, 2010

Hamlet and commercial zone map changes

I was writing a larger piece about the changes to the hamlet and commercial zones in the latest release of the proposed Town of Dryden zoning law, but I realized that the map changes are big enough to be worth noting by themselves. The commercial zones have grown, while the hamlet zones have shrunk.

The hamlet zone is now just Varna - which I guess makes it harder to rally opposition to these changes from Etna and McLean. It also no longer includes most of the properties along Turkey Hill Road.

I think all the changes to the commercial zone map are expansions. Going roughly southwest to northeast:

  • The commercial zone at the 13/366 intersection has expanded significantly westward, from the Orchid Place, to around 1230 Dryden Road, including Cornell Plantations land.

  • The commercial zone on Johnson Road expanded to its north almost to the Village of Freeville.

  • There are small new spots of commercial zoning north of 13 along the Village of Dryden's western boundary, as well as on 38 just west of the Village of Dryden.

  • A big chunk of land to the north and east of the Village of Dryden along Route 13 that had been marked Rural Residential is now marked commercial as well.

These are not small changes. I definitely encourage everyone to look at the latest map.

Update: A new map has arrived (PDF version). It doesn't appear to change the commercial zones, but I realize I missed some small spots on Route 38 north of Freeville. There definitely is some "spot zoning" in this document.

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