August 6, 2010

Ellis Hollow westbound closed from Turkey Hill

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports on the closure of Ellis Hollow Road westbound from Turkey Hill Road to Thomas Road as construction begins.

In other road-related news, though just outside of Dryden, Forest Home is getting ready for some major road construction designed to slow the flow of traffic through their area. Forest Home is much like its neighbor Varna in that it has a cluster of older houses right on top of a busy road going to Cornell, though it's further complicated by almost all of that traffic having to cross one-lane bridges. Its being closer to Cornell certainly gives it some economic advantages, but it's not all that different a situtation.

For those who shop at the P&C stores in the Town of Ithaca, there's more grocery chaos coming as Tops agreed to sell those stores to settle a complaint about its dominance of stores in the area. I did wonder about having two stores across the road from each other on Triphammer.

If you're planning on going to next week's EPA natural gas hearing in Binghamton, there's a small problem: it's not clear where that hearing will be held.

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