August 20, 2010

Lots of small Ithaca Journal pieces

The Ithaca Journal's news coverage keeps shrinking, and the paper is looking more and more like a general Upstate paper with stories of local interest. There are still lots of interesting bits, but overall I find it less compelling every month.

That lack of coverage got them plenty of flak for their minimal coverage of the benefit for Ithaca police officer and Etna resident Bryan Bangs, who lost his house to arson last month.

Dryden schools extended Superintendent Sandra Sherwood's contract through 2015.

Stephanie Lyon, a recent Dryden High graduate, writes about life in Tanzania.

Sustainable Tompkins gave the Dryden Community Garden a $630 grant for deer fencing.

Former County Adminstrator Steve Whicher, a Dryden resident, has a letter supporting Sheriff's challenger Ken Lansing.

Peter Harriott, also of Dryden, writes about energy generation math.

There's a new Tompkins County bicycling map available. You can find the map here. I worry that if Dryden Road (Route 366) in front of my house is "very good", that anything less than that must be terrible. I did ride to the Varna Fire Company and back last night without incident, though there are lots of spots in the shoulder inviting accidents.

The Dryden Recreation Department will be offering a magic class the afternoon of August 24th at the Dryden Community Center Cafe.

The strange saga of garbage truck regulation may finally be sorting out, after a series of twists and turns that mostly make me depressed about state government.

Finally, I suspect that deer in Dryden may be wondering the same things as the deer in Danby.

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Jim Koch said:

And this just in; the Dryden Post Office oiled the squeaky mail drop door!