August 9, 2010

Sterling Renaissance Festival

Yesterday, Angelika and I took Sungiva and Konrad to the Sterling Renaissance Festival with our friends Rolf and Susan Verberg, and their son Simon. They'd been there a few times, but it was a first for us.

Yes, of course there was jousting:

Jousting round one: swords
Jousting round one: swords.

Jousting round two: lances
Jousting round two: lances.

There were also pirates:

Walking the plank
Walking the plank.

A lot of the fun, though, was just the place and the people. It's an established festival with lots of buildings and little businesses, offering crafts, food, and entertainment. The jousting is a big draw, but there so many smaller shows we didn't get to see.

A few of the food options
A few of the food options.

Crafts and crossbows
Crafts and crossbows.

It certainly wasn't jousting, but Angelika and Sungiva enjoyed their ride on a warhorse!

Riding an off-duty warhorse
Riding an off-duty warhorse.

I've also posted a gallery of the festival, with lots more to see. I think we only walked about two-thirds of it in about six hours. It's definitely worth going there all day, and I'm sure we'll be back!

It's been a while since I posted an excursion story.

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