September 23, 2010

Onondaga Land Claim case thrown out

I doubt it's anywhere near the end of the story, but the Onondaga Nation's land claim suit hit a big bump as it was thrown out of court. While I don't expect the suit, even if successful, to have a major impact, it does include a bit more than the eastern half of the Town of Dryden, roughly Etna and east.

You can find more on the suit in the land claim category of this site and at the Onondaga Nation's site.

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Nathanael said:

This will go on until the US or state government compensates the Iroquois for all the land stolen after the treaties settling the Sullivan-Clinton campaign (which they accept as valid). They've been pressing these cases continuously for over 150 years; the fact is that they were cheated and were then denied access to the courts for a very long period, following which the Supreme Court claimed it was "too late". They're not going to stop.