September 2, 2010

Varna II application bounces

Last we'd officially heard, there'd be news about Steve Lucente's proposed Varna II (or whatever he'll call it) project in "two to three weeks". That was about six weeks ago.

I hadn't seen anything new from Lucente, but apparently he submitted an application that didn't get far enough to be officially accepted. I wrote the Zoning department to ask what was up, and Kevin Ezell replied:

The application was rejected because there was no vehicle that the Town has to review it. This is according to Henry M. Slater. The application is not in the office and therefore is not available for review. The application would be part of the public record and you would be able to inspect it when we have accepted the application.

I doubt this is more than a bump in the road - presumably they'll modify the application so it can be accepted.

The "no review" makes me wonder if they structured it in some way that doesn't exist under current zoning, but I'm not really sure how to interpret that. I wonder if it may be something the new zoning will address, or if it's something they can work around under the current zoning that allows them more units.

I also wondered if they were still pushing for denser zoning than I suspect is legal, but the evaluation doesn't seem to have gone that far.

I'm sure they'll be back.

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