November 30, 2010

Teepee on 13/366

Does anyone know what's up with this teepee on the Route 13/366 overlap? I had thought the sign said "restricted area", like a Posted sign, but it seems to say "recreation area". I've been up in those woods once when we were looking at possible sites for an orchard (it didn't happen), and I know there are nicer sites a little ways up the hill.

Teepee on Route 13/366
Teepee on Route 13/366.

I'm guessing that like yurts, no building permit is required.

Posted by simon at November 30, 2010 8:58 PM in
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Jon said:

Curious....Did you ever get an answer about the teepee- there is also an identical one perched above Rt 96 on the way up the hill to the hospital. Kind of cool and weird. Thanks, Jon

Jason said:

Finally figured this out (after having another person ask me about this a few weeks before it was here). The recent auction signs on the lots put it together for me. This is all land owned by Chris Muka and his Common Field Inc. For many years he was obtaining land that was to be used for public recreation ect. A bunch of his land showed up for sale on MLS a few years ago real cheap and when I asked a realtor about it she said he lost his non-profit status with the county and they wanted their taxes on this land. You are buying land you cannot do anything with as he keeps all development, mineral, animal ect rights and anyone can use the land at anytime without permission. If you wanted to do anything you had to ask his approval. Looks like no one bought any land on mls so he is auctioning it off but still has same deed restrictions. It looks like he put some teepees on a few of them a few months ago for public to use.

Thanks! I just saw the signs and stopped for the info myself. Oddly, the sheets at the auction sign don't mention any of those deed restrictions, which appear to be pretty severe.

Anyone who wants to check this out can visit I think I'll do a full story on this soon.

Tom Shelley said:

There is also an identical teepee on Rt. 34 on the Esty Hill just a mile and 1/2 or so north of town. Does anyone know who actually made the teepees? It looks like a really professional job. Tom