January 12, 2011

Dryden school budget; gas drilling conversations

I think most folks figured that this would be an even worse year than last for school budgets, and sure enough, Dryden is looking at a difficult year: "The district will have to cut more than $1.8 million [from $32.9 million] if likely scenarios come to pass."

There's a piece on the Dryden Listening Project's conversations with Dryden residents about hydrofracking. The 40-page "report will be available Monday at the Dryden Town Hall, Southworth Library, the Dryden Community Center Café, The History Center in Tompkins County and Tompkins County Cornell Cooperative Extension, and can be requested via e-mail at drydenlisteningproject@gmail.com."

Dr. Wiliam Klepack of Dryden calls for the ban on fracking to continue, citing endocrine disruptors as a particular threat.

A Freeville resident and State Trooper faces a six-month revocation of his license after pleading guilty to DWI in an August incident in Groton.

In brighter news, Cathy Wakeman reports on upcoming events at the Dryden Community Center Cafe, Varna Community Center, and 4-H Acres. Music, chowder, and winter forestry. She also writes about the Dryden Listening Project, and notes that there will be a presentation on it at next week's Dryden Town Board meeting.

Speaking of which, the Town Board's Agenda and zoning meeting is tonight at Town Hall at 7:00 7:30pm, with zoning conversation usually picking up around 8:00 8:30pm.

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