January 28, 2011

Route 13 needs and dangers

I have about fifteen Living in Dryden stories bouncing in my head wanting to come out, and no time to write them. For now, here's a quick catch-up with the Ithaca Journal.

Can you help a veteran? The new VA outpatient facility needs drivers to help patients get to their office on Routes 13 and 366.

Route 13 continues to be a dangerous place, as an accident yesterday at Lower Creek sent three people to the hospital.

Cathy Wakeman reports on upcoming Dryden happenings and good news in her Dryden Town Talk column.

Tompkins County is contemplating road protection measures to deal with the massive influx of trucks hydrofracking could bring. Lost at the bottom of that article is news that Southworth Library cards now work at the Tompkins County Public Library in Ithaca and vice versa, as well as at the Groton, Lansing, Trumansburg and Newfield libraries.

It's not in Dryden, but the Town of Ithaca faces challenges in planning and applications on West Hill that echo Varna but on a larger scale.

Finally, I'm very pleased to see the League of Women Voters pushing for redistricting models cleaner than the current "as gerrymandered as we can get away with" approach that's been business as usual in Albany.

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