February 3, 2011

Dryden Solutions focuses on widening the energy conversation

If you have ideas for getting Dryden residents interested in energy efficiency, please join the conversation!

February Dryden Solutions - Tuesday February 8th 6:30pm at the Café

Continuing our push for more energy efficiency, we will focus on more creative ways to increase interest in using less energy in our Town.

  • What print opportunities exist that could remind people of the benefits?
  • Could energy efficiency messages go out in advertising circulars, newsletters, bulletins, or listserves that businesses or organizations already produce?
  • How could the arts help?
  • How can we make the message more public - more visible - to create interest?
  • How could we use radio?

What initiatives could make it seem perfectly normal to get an energy audit and retrofit one's home? "Everybody's doing it!"

We will brainstorm, gather the best ideas, and make plans to mobilize local resources to help create the "buzz" we need to make big gains in Dryden on energy efficiency.

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