February 11, 2011

Events, sustainability, and health

I can't say that I love the Ithaca Journal web site redesign, which seems mostly to make me scroll more and wonder where if anywhere the commented stories are. Performance hasn't improved, either - it's the only site I visit regularly where I wonder when the page will finish loading. Maybe someday...

Cathy Wakeman's Dryden Town Talk fortunately puts Dryden news in an easy place to find. After talking about how Village of Dryden mayor Randy Sterling came to talk with Cub Scouts, she notes that the Village of Dryden's Mayor and Trustees are having open meetings with the public on February 23rd and March 8th, both at 7:00pm at the Village Hall, 2nd Floor. I was very glad to see them doing that, as the elections are uncontested this year. A forum is at least a conversation!

She also notes a new pastor at Reach Out for Christ Church, a "Lincoln Dinner" being held tonight to start celebrations of the 180th year of the Dryden United Methodist Church, the Etna Chocolate Festival tomorrow, the Varna pancake breakfast at the Varna Community Center Sunday, a seed sale at the Ellis Hollow Community Center, and a full calendar of events at the Southworth Library.

Sustainability Planner Katie Stoner, who is working for both the Town of Ithaca and the Town of Dryden, writes about green initiatives at the municipal level. Her list for Dryden includes about the last five years of work, I think:

Town of Dryden

  • Energy efficiency upgrades at highway department completed.
  • Geothermal system and high-efficiency lighting added to town hall facility.
  • Provided funding for local residents to get energy audits.
  • Sustainability planner hired. [that would be Katie Stoner]
  • Energy coordinator to be hired in 2011.
  • Sustainability planning process under way.

Next Tuesday the 15th, you can check out an indoor seed preparation class held from 6:30 to 8:00pm at the Dryden Community Center Cafe.

The Dryden Community Trail (the Jim Schug Trail?) gets mentioned in an article about a $1.2 million grant to go toward healthy living and exercise projects.

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