March 26, 2011

Arrest in armed robbery; census; who matters?

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports on yesterday's arrest of a suspect in an armed robbery on East Main Street last week.

The Town of Dryden grew 7% over the last ten years, moving from 13,532 to 14,435. The villages of Dryden and Freeville both grew 3%, with Dryden growing fro 1832 to 1890, and Freeville fro 505 to 520. The county as a whole grew 5%, from 96,501 to 101,564. (The state actually looks striped.)

SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher spoke at the We Live NY conference at Cornell this week. The Journal describes her offering "a bright message to the hundreds of young professionals who gathered for the event: you matter."

Just a quick note to people who weren't at the conference and may not be young or professional: you matter too. The world seems all about young professionals these days, but we also need to remember that they're only one part of the community.

There's a piece on buying local, and a good way to do it: maple syrup is on its way. (You can see some Dryden syrup here.)

Cornell's column includes a warning about driving around farm equipment. They're right - some of the scariest moments I've had on 366 involved people not paying enough attention to farm equipment (and other traffic) on the road.

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