March 8, 2011

More on Varna moratorium, growth

This morning's Ithaca Journal examines prospects for a moratorium on development in Varna while the Master Plan is underway. Yesterday, I reported a bit on the residents' petition. What's new here is some perspective from Dryden Planning Director Dan Kwasnowski:

Town Planning Director Dan Kwasnowski said although the decision on a moratorium is up to the town board, he said receiving a development application during the creation of a master plan could be "a huge distraction" both for his office and for Varna residents.

He said including proposed developments in the master plan would allow for a more realistic idea of future water, sewer and traffic requirements, and might entice developers to be involved with more planning.

"I have urged developers to be involved meaningfully in the planning process," he said. "We don't have a lot of good experience with this concerted planning effort, so it's proactive to do this on a level playing field."

Tompkins County is growing, if not spectacularly quickly - 6.25% since 2000, reaching around 102,500 residents according to the Census Bureau.

A couple of events at TC3 highlighted hopes for Tompkins County. SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher spoke on education powering New York State's economy, while the Tompkins Cortland Builders and Remodelers Association's Home Show showcased concrete construction possibilities.

In Ithaca, a CSA fair highlighted local farming, including some in Dryden.

There's a listing of upcoming Civil War Sesquicentennial events, looking back 150 years to the War Between the States. I just joined the Tompkins County Civil War Sequicentennial Commission, so there will be a lot more here soon. (I highlighted the Civil War Nurses Fund at TC3 earlier - donate if you can!)

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