March 3, 2011

Redistricting bill mystery

Updated again: Her name is now on the bill, though I never did hear back.

Update: Still no word back from Lifton's office and her name isn't yet on the bill. I guess it's time to write a letter.

I've hoped for better redistricting in New York for years - having some saner process replace the horrible gerrymandered patchwork we pretend are "election" districts in this state. Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton hosted a forum about redistricting, a few years ago. Unfortunately, too much of it seemed to be former Assemblyman William Parment running out the clock by talking endlessly of details that the gerrymandering crew can hide behind. (Mike Lane provided a more promising approach later in the event.)

Today, I see that Speaker Sheldon Silver has given his blessing to Governor Cuomo's redistricting reform bill, and suddenly there's a rush to support fixing this trainwreck:

Koch noted that Silver, who, unlike Skelos, refused to sign his NY Uprising pledge during the 2010 campaign (actually, the speaker was the only legislative leader who didn't sign on), has introduced the governor's bill under his own name and opened it for co-sponsorship. So far, some 71 Assembly members - both Democrats and Republicans - have signed on, and at least nine others have pledged to do so as well.

I don't see Lifton's name presently listed on the bill which jumps uncomfortably (for me, anyway) from Lavine to Linares without pausing for Lifton.

I've called her office to see if she's supporting this, but haven't heard back yet. I'll update the story when I hear.

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