April 26, 2011

But the state thinks we have broadband!

Bad maps often explain bad decision-making, but maybe we can stop that early. Dryden Daily KAZ looks at New York State's rose-colored take on broadband availability. I seem to get about a quarter of what the state thinks Time-Warner provides here, and Verizon's never actually offered the service listed here when I've checked. (Just checked again - no Internet available here from Verizon.)

There is an "Is this correct?" button on the map results that lets you send an email. The state also has a speed tester that they don't seem to have integrated with this, at least not yet.

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Jason C said:

WHAT A JOKE! I tried 4 addresses of people I know who cannot get broadband no way no how and all 4 came up that they had service. Some of them multiple providers!?! They are in a giant block and one mile away along a main road there is cable. TW will bring that cable to them at a cost of $14,000. I can go to their web site and TW will correctly tell me that internet is not available at this location. Why can't the state use the same data and get an accurate picture. What a complete waste of a study. Simon someone a mile away might be near enough to a CO to get something from Verizon and you share a "block" with them. One address said they could get service from Verizon, but at this location they are right on the line and actually have Frontier phone service!