April 19, 2011

Close-ups and wide shots

[There is a Dryden hook to this story....]

It seems like half the point of protesting these days is disputing which side had more people there. Yesterday saw a "Tax Day" protest in downtown Ithaca outside of Congressman Maurice Hinchey's office, organized by Forward Thinking, the Ithaca Tea Party, while Democrats held a counter-protest across the street in front of the library.

The Ithaca Journal reports 25 Tea Party protesters and 85 or 90 counter-protesters, though they note that some of the counter-protesters joined after a rally about taxing Bank of America.

Visit One of Nine's brief article, though, and you get a very different set of pictures. Five counter-protesters (two from Dryden), and about eighteen Tea Party protesters. Going for a close-up sure can make the opposite side look smaller.

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