May 6, 2011

Game camera catches skunks, raccoons, cats, kids

A few weeks ago I bought a game camera to try to figure out what's moving around in our woods - particularly deer and coyotes. Although pretty much everything I've seen suggested I was getting the right camera, they seem to be unreliable in general, so I tested it out closer to the house, pointing at the chicken coop. That got me 2700 photos in a couple of weeks, mostly of chickens, but the night photos and a few of the daytime photos had surprises.

Skunk exploring.
Skunk exploring

Raccoons trying to get in.
Raccoons trying to get in

Cat talks with raccoon.
Godric the cat talks with raccoon

We learned some important things, notably that there's a whole family of raccoons here (at least three), and that the skunk was actually able to get into the chicken coop. One of the pictures showed how he did it, so we've patched up that intersection between the coop and the fence. Fortunately the raccoons couldn't get in, or we wouldn't likely have any chickens now. We only have two chicken hens and a duck drake in the coop now as it is.

I've posted a gallery of game camera photos if you'd like to see more. So far, this camera is awesome, and figuring out the skunk's entrance may have earned back enough to justify the cost already.

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