June 28, 2011

Raw milk coming to Dryden; fireworks Friday

Or from Dryden, and to Freeville.

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports that Jerry Dell Farm has started offering raw milk to customers, after receiving a state license last month. The article is largely about the controversies around raw milk, but there are some other pieces in there worth noting. I wasn't aware that Jerry Dell is "the Northeast's largest organic dairy", or that:

The license to sell raw milk comes weeks before the farm is about to open a farm store in Freeville that will sell their dairy products, both raw and pasteurized, in addition to produce from Ithaca Organics, an organic farm run by Sherman's brother Trevor.

It sounds like I may be visiting Freeville more often.

The Ithaca fireworks show is staying at TC3, with parking starting at 7:30pm and the fireworks at 9:45pm.

Also Friday, Governor Cuomo will get the next draft of the Environmental Impact Statement on hydrofracking, though it's not clear when that will be made public.

If you use Snyder Hill to get from Dryden to Ithaca, you should know that the Ithaca section will be getting repaved this August.

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