July 5, 2011

A few more notes on hydrofracking

The Ithaca Independent takes a look at revisions to the county's proposed road-protection law, which has been made easier on haulers, and now includes options for companies to pay for road damage instead of going through the permit process. The Ithaca Journal also reports.

Solid Shale, meanwhile, reports that the DEC may have added a question about local zoning to the drilling permit process, but that still pretty much leaves the question of local bans through zoning to the courts.

The Ithaca Journal asked over the weekend whether the SGEIS could appease anyone in this conversation, and the answer seems to be yes:

"The gas companies have been waiting for a positive signal," Diffendorf said. "This is it."

Update: Of course, that couldn't be the right answer. The gas companies are now making clear that it's not wonderful enough for them either.

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