July 29, 2011

County exploring redistricting, gas drilling buildout

The Ithaca Independent has two stories about activity at the county level that Dryden residents may want to watch:

The first, Tompkins Politicos Debate Size of Future County Legislature, looks at the challenges of redistricting after the 2010 census. The key Dryden bits:

Legislator Michael Lane (D-Dryden) countered that shrinking the Legislature could reduce costs and alleviate cramped space. "We're all expendable," Lane noted.

Any redistricting plan should follow neighborhood line, many suggested. Legislature Chair Martha Robertson (D-Dryden) said planned changes could also follow school district boundaries. Any redistricting must not stray from the district's population by five percent, according to state law.

...At the other end of the spectrum, the Town of Dryden (represented by Lane and Robertson) have both benefitted from the population shift.

There's also Council Orders Study of Gas Drilling Impact on Local Residents. The Tompkins County Council of Governments will be spending $10,000 'from private foundations, individuals and other "local entities,"' and may decide to spend $2000 of its own money as well to create a study for Tompkins County similar to a study done for Middlefield, NY.

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